Handlebar is a small group of biker brothers owned company. We make growth decisions based on our own personal beliefs, ideologies and observing life. Not greed or race replica business. Entrepreneurial suicide to come clean of this fact. However, we have done some growing up and more experienced…whatever that means, but actually not all that much has changed. Still live in a blue sky bubble with sincerity on the mind, we will reflect on past while envisioning the far side of our future creations. Eventually, play in work comes to those who love what they do. Feeling safe in the comfort of our provisions, we hope to deliver all we have dreamed of giving.

Impromptu events will happen at times. Be that as it may, we will break one’s neck to update you before the eerie happening. We need an environment of freedom to try things out. If you have a killer idea for collaboration, wicked proposal or genuine contribution, be ruthless just bring it on. Turning an idea into a real thing is where magic happens. We will high five.

10 Lock Road Singapore 108938
+65 6268 5550